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Hand Tools

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Glazing Supplies

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Firing Supplies

Cones               Kiln Shelves

Kiln Wash          Posts

Stilts                  Unifrax Insulating Fiber
K23 Soft Bricks (special order)


US Gypsum Plasters

 #1 POTTERY PLASTER - The standard of the industry. Used for making plaster bats, wedging boards, and working molds. This is a relatively soft plaster which may be carved.




HYDRO-STONE - One of the hardest and strongest of all gypsum cements. Used primarily in tooling and high quality art objects. Extremely wear-resistant.



ULTRACAL 30 – Primarily used as a “mass casting material” where the mold is poured from solid gypsum. Most popular gypsum for tooling applications because of its good surface hardness, high compressive strength, and low expansion. Sets gradually.

HYDROCAL, WHITE - Hydrocal is used for making plaster objects, a neutral gypsum cement having a normal set of 25 minutes. When formed under a template it is slightly on the “short side” and has a tendency to tear. The setting expansion is somewhat greater than ULTRACAL 30.