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Information for Students

Enrollment in a class includes 25 pounds of clay and the cost of glazing and firing it. Each student will receive a bag of clay during the first class.

ONE additional bag of clay may be purchased for $24.00 (Helios Porcelain is $30.94). The price includes glazing and firing fees if used within the time frame of the current class.

Class fees subsidize the cost of firing up to 50 pounds of clay. Students are encouraged to experiment and take risks during the learning process as they progress from beginning through intermediate levels. If you wish to use more than 50 pounds of clay, additional bags may be purchased at the regular retail price and may be fired after payment of the regular firing fees.

Students who are continuing from session into another will get a new bag of clay at the beginning of the new class. If you have more than 10 pounds of clay remaining from your previous class, you may use that clay in your new class, but using it will be instead of purchasing a second bag of clay at the subsidized price. This works on the honor system.

Plan ahead if you will need to buy more clay. You may buy clay any time we are open for retail hours Tuesday-Saturday, 1:00-6:00. If you get clay from your teacher during evening classes, you must pay at the time you receive the clay (cash or check made payable to Claymakers))--$24.00 including tax ($30.94 for Helios porcelain). Teachers will not give you additional clay without receiving payment.

Tools and Equiptment
You are responsible for providing your own small clay working tools. We strongly encourage you to write your name on all of your tools using permanent marker. A few tools will be available for common use. Please return them after you have used them. Never borrow tools from another person’s shelf without their specific permission.

Towels and Aprons
Bring a towel and apron for your personal use, and keep them on your shelf with your other belongings. Please rinse them out periodically to avoid creating dust.

End of Session
All pots completed for bisque by the end of your last class may be glazed and fired with no additional firing charge. If you are not returning for a class the next session you must clean your shelf and take all fired work from the shelves. You must return to glaze any remaining pots within a week after the beginning of the next session. Any bisqueware remaining beyond that time will be disposed of.

Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather or other emergency that makes it necessary to cancel a class, we will do our best to contact students by phone or e-mail. We will also attempt to announce cancellations on our voice-mail message. Every effort will be made to arrange make-up times for cancelled classes, but because of limited open times for scheduling them, it may not always be possible to do so at a time that all students can attend.

You may park on the north side of the building, diagonally, or in the lot across the street. On evenings and weekends, you may park in the lot of the building next door. There is additional on-street parking on Geer St. between Foster and Washington Streets.

Please use common sense. After dark, please leave the studio in twos and threes. We encourage you to keep all items in your car locked in your trunk or otherwise out of view, and to keep your car locked.