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Firing Fees


Electric Kiln Rental 

The cost for renting a full, 7 cubic foot electric kiln firing is $110.00 (bisque and glaze firings). Cost of bisque only is $40.00. Cost of a glaze firing plus use of glazes (no bisque) is $70.00. Cost of a bisque firing plus use of studio glazes, without a final glaze firing, is $85.00

The full firing charge includes use of studio glazes if you are familiar with our glazes and glazing techniques. Glazing instruction is not included.

The price for once-firing work is $65.00 (studio glazes are not available for once-firing).

Payment is made at the time work comes into the studio.

Firing work by the piece costs $.03 per cubic inch, with a 2 inch minimum for height. Green work is measured, the cubic inches are calculated, and payment is made for firing at the time work comes into the studio. Bisque firing is usually done in about a week. For work fired by the piece, our bisque temperature is cone 06, and glaze firings are to Cone 04 or Cone 6.

Glazing considerations and extra costs:
The renter assumes responsibility for any kiln damage caused by mistaken identification of a clay’s firing temperature.

The renter agrees to pay Claymakers the replacement cost of any damaged kiln shelves (resulting from glaze drips or runs). Work must be free of glaze on the bottom.

Cost, if a single piece melts to a shelf:               $10
Cost for replacement of an extensively damaged half shelf         $35
Cost for replacement of an extensively damaged full shelf          $55

Gas Firing

Individuals or independently coordinated groups may rent the 18 cubic foot gas kiln for Cone 6 reduction firings. The price of a glaze firing is $450. Firing dates are coordinated with the studio manager.

Renters may participate in loading and firing, but the firings are conducted by studio staff. Renters assume the same responsibilities regarding the use of studio glazes and glaze drips or runs with the gas kiln as those assumed with electric kiln rentals. Bisque firing is not included.