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Community Gallery Info

Claymakers Community Gallery shows an ongoing, but rotating selection of work by local and regional artists. Each exhibit is typically six to eight weeks in duration.

New exhibitors are welcome!

If you’re interested in exhibiting with Claymakers, please complete the application process described below, and we will review your submission for future exhibit possibilities. Our objective is to present each artist’s work as favorably as possible, so we will be selecting groups of artists from among the submissions and composing exhibits of complimentary styles, forms, techniques or themes. We’re excited to create a strong display space for our community members’ artwork!

Types of work Claymakers is interested in:

  • Functional ware such as pottery for food, flowers, containers of any sort, any function at all, large or small… This work should be a set, or a coherent series of related pieces. Individual successful pieces can serve you as inspiration for creating more pieces related to it, and we will happily review the whole series once you’ve created it.
  • Wall-mounted ceramic art such as tiles, deep boxes, 3-dimensional sculptures, mosaics, any ceramics on the wall. Pieces designed to hang on the wall must be structurally sound, and pre-wired, or otherwise ready-to-hang.
  • Ceramic sculpture: Figurative sculpture, abstract/non-objective sculpture, any free-standing ceramic art. No content is automatically excluded; challenging work will be reviewed for exhibit. Work should be undeniably ceramic work; mixed media is acceptable where the non-clay additional materials are simply in support of a piece that is predominantly ceramic.
  • Ceramic jewelry: Earrings, brooches, pendants, custom beads, other wearable clay. Work must be primarily created by hand; all design aspects should be made by the artist. Pre-made wire, chain, bindings are acceptable, however manufactured stamps, beads, or forms are not in accord with the mission of Claymakers Gallery. You are welcome to propose specialized displays, if applicable.
  • Electric ceramic work: Kinetic work, lamps, fountains, any electrically powered ceramic work. This work should also be undeniably ceramic work; the non-clay additional materials should simply support a piece that is predominantly ceramic.
  • Other ceramics. If your work is fundamentally clay, but not in the categories above, we are still interested in your unique artwork, and welcome an application for review.

Application Process

Applications consist of:
  • 10 images of your work. Either the exact pieces or pieces closely related to them are required for these images.
  • Photo list/with a description of work. General description, cone/atmosphere, dimensions, date complete, retail price.
    Click here to download the Photo Form
  • Artist statement commenting on your work, perhaps mentioning what inspires it, or what you hope to represent. Functional ware inspired by tradition is valid, just as sculpture about politics is valid. A simple, sincere ¼ page comment is often best.
  • Contact Information Form. Click here to download.
  • Artist’s Resume is welcome, but not required. If selected, we will ask for it at that time.

Other Important Notes:

Completed application forms and images should be emailed to:

If selected, you will be asked to provide a minimum of 3 square feet of work, when placed shoulder to shoulder. This is roughly equivalent to 4 dinner plates, or 8 bowls, or 16 mugs, etc. This is only a guideline.

You are welcome to apply in multiple categories. If the work is unrelated, it would be best to submit separate applications for each distinct body of work. Mugs and wall tiles that are visually consistent in design can be submitted together, but life sculpture and tea bowls would probably be submitted separately, for instance.

Even if you have exhibited with us in the past, please help us coordinate the renewal effort by completing an application, and we will contact you when we have a suitable opening for your work. Thank you for helping us do the best job we can.

Our consignment agreement is available for your review (click here to read the consignment agreement). This is a required agreement, if you are selected for exhibit.