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About Claymakers Arts Community
About Claymakers Arts Community                     (Click here for a PowerPoint of Claymakers' history & photos)   

A hub for the clay community in North Carolina and beyond, Claymakers serves students, professionals, hobbyists, and collectors alike by providing:
  • a myriad of classes to help beginning to advanced students find creative expression in clay;
  • access to a studio for students to work independently;
  • studio assistantships for burgeoning professionals learn the craft of running a studio;
  • studio rental space for independent clay artists;
  • frequent workshops with nationally renowned artists that are attended by both local and regional artists and students;
  • a supply store that supports arts programs at multiple local schools, arts centers and independent artists' home studios;
  • a fine ceramic arts gallery that celebrates ceramic art being created today in North Carolina and beyond;
  • and a place for artists and students to share their ideas and promote excellence in their work.
Claymakers gives back to the community through donation of pottery for the Urban Ministries Empty Bowls fundraiser to fight hunger.  Claymakers studio and community of artists also participate in many Triangle arts festivals and shows.

Claymakers' History

Claymakers was founded by arts visionary Leonora Coleman in 2000, in an old awning shop near downtown Durham. Since then, Claymakers has been an anchor in the revitalization of Durham’s Central Park district, and has grown into a community of dedicated clay artists and enthusiasts. Following Leonora’s death in 2008, Catherine Lidov purchased the business, with the goal of ultimately converting it into a non-profit organization. This effort began in earnest in mid-2011. Thanks to the financial and volunteer support of the Claymakers community, the transition to non-profit status was realized in January 2012.  Claymakers acquired 501(c)3 tax status in 2013.

If you have questions or concerns about fiscal sponsorship, please contact a board member at for additional information.

Many thanks to our
2011 Founding Donors
Francis Alvarino * Anya Avrutskaya * Cindy Aldrich * Theresa Barzee * Catherine Brennan * Jane Bruce * Lois Brucker * Christel Butchart * Steve Cann * Laura Casey * Bob Chapman * Bernadette Chasteen * Tim and Sarah Clark * Sarah Coleman-Craig * Emily Cox * John Davis * Leslie DeBaun * Rob and Natasha Dekroon * Fred Dietrich and Jenny Tenor * Doug Dotson * Carolyn Doyle * Christie Drew * Mary Fling * Pepper Fluke * Horace Ford * Kelly Foster * Corinne Fox * David Freeman * O’Shella Gatling * Sandra Gleich * David Gould * Lisa Gramann * Esther Granville * Jan Gregg * Pamela Groben * Janice Harris * Deborah Harris * Haywood Holderness * Nancy Holliman * Susy Holloway * Hannah Jacobs * Bobby Kadis * Judy Kane * Carolyn Leith * Renee Leverty * Catherine Lidov * Linda Lidov * Linda Eberz * Jo Lovvorn * Robin Magee * Dorothy McGee * Lucia Marcus * Graham Marlette * Jena Matzen * Andy Maynard * Jo McDonnell * Meg Millard Donna Milikin * Patricia Morgado * Clarke and Julie Newlin-Justice * Lou Raye Nichol * Dona Noblett * Katherine O’Brien * Elizabeth Paley * Hiram and Jean Paley * Gillian Parke * Mary Ann Peters * Jennifer Peters * Ronan Peterson * Teresa Pietsch * Bepi Pinner * Caitlin Pitt * Helga Powell * Linda Prager * Rose Mary Pries * Katya Prince * Frumet Raskin-Miller * Barbara Rich * Ralph Ross * Patricia Saling * Tanya Schreiber * Denise Schreiner * James Scotton * Blanka Shaw * Paul Sherman * Kitty Sherwin * Mary Sjogren * Susannah Sloan * Trish Welsh and Jay Sloane * Robert Smart * Johanna Snyder * John Snyder * Jessie Sterner * Sheilah Thomas * Alex Tobler * Betsy Vaden * Marty Warburton * Woody Warburton * Pam Wardell * Rachel Whetten * Cara Winter * Fabienne Worth * Bonnie Wright * Barbara Yoder * Dawn Zenoni *


Please feel free to talk with or email the CAC board: 

Jennifer Tenor, President
Elisabeth Pinekenstein, Treasurer
Judith Maier, Secretary
Robert DeKroon
Christina Drew
Catherine Lidov
Jena Matzen
Andy Maynard

Executive Director:

 Analia Howard


Made out of earth,

shaped by

human hands,

tempered by fire:

pottery and clay sculpture
keep us connected
to the roots of human civilization. In a fast-paced, high-tech, urban world, they
remind us of our humanity.